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    changes 2023-06-28

    June 28th, 2023
    • Learned how to add a carousel lightbox modal in Bootstrap. The interplay with _layouts and _includes in Jekyll was a bit complicated. It appeared to not work if the modal HTML was added in the post itself, so I ended up creating a new _includes/carousels/ and then a YAML line in the post carousel: true and then some liquid in the post.html to match the post.id to a carousel HTML if page.carousel was true. In the end, the carousel and the images on the post were made from a template with input data processed by a new little Python script: screens_to_cards.py. (I initially tried using Lightbox for Bootstrap 5 but couldn’t control the display and interactions adequately.) See finished carousel in: [I want to buy a new SUV which brand is best?].
    • Renamed Sitemap to Browse
    • Some light Lighthouse auditing led to some significant refactoring:
      • converted Font Awesome icons to Bootstrap SVG “icons”
      • made search-bar-links always visible
      • removed hero elements from landing page
      • removed landing page delay on autocomplete
      • deferred some scripts
      • compression with jekyll-gzip
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