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    changes 2023-06-29

    June 29th, 2023
    • Increased the padding for the top container divs to improve the mobile experience.
    • Learned how to implement Boostrap tooltips.
      • Removed the text from search-bar-links (now only showing the Bootstrap SVG icons, w/ tooltips):
      • Converted the text from query labels (i.e. , , ) in search suggestions to Bootstrap SVG icons
    • Converted the hand-curated autocomplete search suggestions on the landing page to be static on initial page load.
    • Converted the display of search suggestions to be a list of Bootstrap.css cards.
      • In the process I broke the hover and keyboard interaction with the suggestions.
    • Wrote a userscript for Tampermonkey to extract a json from a tweet and compile into a Bootstrap.css card per the template I’m using in Shared weblinks.
    • Temporarily removed ‘facets’ from the search results while I iron out the functioning.
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