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    fear of Google abandoning Google Scholar

    November 2nd, 2022

    I think Google abandoning Google Scholar in the near term is unlikely, particularly if there is not a viable public alternative or it is not transformed into one. This is not a full argument to that effect, but there are likely many benefits that accrue to Google by offering Google Scholar to the public. Some of that is discussed in our paper – in a section on “FREE” (also a critique of the charity framing). See also these comments on Quora from Kynan Eng (HT). Also, see our paper for why this fear should be balanced against concerns about the status quo–which I touch on in this tweet.

    But, here are a few tweets mentioning such a fear (and see the ranging discussions w/in):

    HT: Antoine Blanchard for linking the (???), (???), and (???) together: here and here.