Daniel S. Griffin

Funding Disclosures

While the academy and the public wrestle with appropriate institutional processes for responsible disclosure of research funding & support, mechanisms to manage risks associated with conflicts of interest, and models for public funding of research, I’m attempting personal disclosure imagined broadly.

UC Berkeley provided definition of Conflict of Interest:

A conflict of interest is a situation in which an investigator’s outside financial interest(s) or obligation(s) (real or perceived) have the potential to bias a research project or cause harm to human subjects participating in a research project.

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Data Disclosures

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Currently embed Tweets through Twitter’s widgets.js. See some commentary on it here and here (noting possibility of misuse of the access I give). I do not know at this time what data Twitter collects. - 2022-11-02 10:06

Tool-use Disclosures

I do not use Google Scholar and do not have a Google Scholar profile.