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    Funding Disclosures

    While the academy and the public wrestle with appropriate institutional processes for responsible disclosure of research funding & support, mechanisms to manage risks associated with conflicts of interest, and models for public funding of research, I’m attempting personal disclosure imagined broadly.

    UC Berkeley provided definition of Conflict of Interest: > A conflict of interest is a situation in which an investigator’s outside financial interest(s) or obligation(s) (real or perceived) have the potential to bias a research project or cause harm to human subjects participating in a research project.
    • Fall 2022: Final semester at UC Berkeley — paid only Filing Fee (and an additional “$25 fee for unregistered student library privileges”); supported by my wife.
    • AY2021-2022: Funded by the UC Berkeley Doctoral Completion Fellowship.
    • 2017-Current: Member of AFOG (supported by UC Berkeley’s School of Information and a gift from Google Trust and Safety).
    • AY2017-2019: As CTSP Co-Director managed unrestricted operational and event funding from Google, Facebook (for the 2018 Data for Good Competition), and the Charles Koch Foundation (for the 2018 Digital Security Crash Course) and managed joint-funding for fellows with other campus centers (AFOG, CLTC) supported by industry and/or foundation funds.
    • 2018-2019: Research at Steve Trush Consulting funded by Intel’s Anticipatory Computing Lab and in collaboration with Heather Patterson of the City of Oakland’s Privacy Advisory Commission (for the “Questioning Surveillance” Workshop).
    • February 2017 to February 2018: Commissioner on the City of Berkeley Disaster and Fire Safety Commission
    • 2017: CTSP Fellow, summer research funding through the NSF “INSPIRE: Value-Function Handoffs in HumanMachine Compositions” under Grant No. SES 1650589 - working on “Rescripting Search to Respect the Right to Truth”.
    • 2015: Summer research funding through CLTC — working on “Cybersecurity Futures 2020”
    • Previous academic and professional affiliations (including service in the U.S. military) are listed on my LinkedIn profile.
    • My spouse works at Salesforce.

    Please email with questions or suggestions.

    Data Disclosures

    Website analytics is done without cookies with Plausible.io.

    Currently embed Tweets through Twitter’s widgets.js. See some commentary on it here and here (noting possibility of misuse of the access I give). I do not know at this time what data Twitter collects. - 2022-11-02 10:06

    Tool-use Disclosures

    I do not use Google Scholar and do not have a Google Scholar profile.