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    academic search tools

    This is an incomplete listing of a few academic search tools.

    See also:
    - my paper w/ Jake Goldenfein (Google Scholar – Platforming the scholarly economy (goldenfein2022platforming))
    - my scholar profiles (page).

    Internet Archive Scholar - scholar.archive.org


    This is a new service. Metadata is being improved and features have not been finalized.

    Example query: Internet Archive Scholar [ “Daniel Griffin” “Deirdre Mulligan” ]

    Open Alex - alpha.openalex.org


    Alpha version: buggy, incomplete, and changing daily.

    Example query: Open Alex [ (manual filter: Author name:Richmond Y. Wong) ]

    Elicit - elicit.org

    See my initial notes:

    @danielsgriffin via Twitter on Apr 21, 2022

    I recently learned of Elicit: “a GPT-3 powered research assistant. Elicit helps you classify datasets, brainstorm research questions, and search through publications.”[1]

    initial question: how does this change “the configuration of values”[2] in scholarly search and discovery?

    Example query: Elicit [ what is search automation bias ]

    Consensus - consensus.app

    See my engagement here:

    @danielsgriffin via Twitter on Jan 17, 2023

    Speculative classroom exercises: A recent marketing email from http://Consensus.app demonstrated a use case by asking: do gas stoves cause asthma?[1] Exercise 1a: Write a brief comment on how the activities of science and policy making are presented in the email.

    Example query: Consensus [ what is search automation bias ]

    Google Scholar

    I do not use Google Scholar. I will not comment on it further here. See my discussion of #refusal re my paper with Jake Goldenfein.