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    The LangChain Hub

    The LangChain Hub (announced here; examples here) provides prompts directed at developers integrating LLMs into systems (so not necessarily prompts refined for searching in these public-facing interfaces).

    re: a “searchable repository of examples” (Zamfirescu-Pereira et al., 2023)?

    The LangChain Hub does provide a search interface to the prompt examples.

    I learned here of Mollick’s use of “grimoires” (Mollick, 2023):

    As LangChain and the broader ecosystem has evolved, the role of prompting has only become more important to the LLM development process. As Ethan Mollick recently wrote [ . . . ], “now is the time for grimoires.” By “grimoires” he means “prompt libraries that encode the expertise of their best practices into forms that anyone can use.”

    [ . . . ]

    Today, polished prompts and the wisdom that comes with it are distributed across the web and all-too-often buried in the crannies of blog posts, Twitter threads, and people’s head’s. By bringing all tis knowledge together in one easily-navigable place, we think we can accelerate the pace of development and learning together.

    To use Mollick’s terminology–we’re starting with public grimoires today, but we’ll be enabling private, company-specific grimoires very soon.


    Mollick, E. (2023). One useful thing. Now Is the Time for Grimoires. https://www.oneusefulthing.org/p/now-is-the-time-for-grimoires

    Zamfirescu-Pereira, J. D., Wong, R. Y., Hartmann, B., & Yang, Q. (2023). Why johnny can’t prompt: How non-ai experts try (and fail) to design llm prompts. Proceedings of the 2023 Chi Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. https://doi.org/10.1145/3544548.3581388