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    Google's “Get the answer you're looking for added to the web”

    October 11th, 2023


    Google's “Get the answer you're looking for added to the
web” dialog and form

    Full text of the dialog

    Get the answer you’re looking for added to the web

    Your question will be shared with online publishers who may be able to answer it. When shared, it won’t be associated with your Google Account.

    What’s your question?

    Make sure you don’t include an private info

    Learn more Submit

    Learn more text

    Text taken from screenshot at https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/356587/relationship-with-googles-get-the-answer-you-re-looking-for-added-to-the-web

    By submitting a question you couldn’t find the answer to, you can help Google and publishers learn what info is missing from the web. Google will analyze your question and share it with publishers who may be interested in answering it. That means the next time you search for your question, you might find a new page with the answer. Please note that Google doesn’t write or control the content on web pages you find through Search.

    Because these questions are shared with publishers, please make sure you don’t submit any personal info (such as your phone number, email address, or credit card number) that you wouldn’t want shared publicly.

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