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    June 17th, 2023

    This page introduces feedback paths.

    I’m very intrigued with how the makers of search tools solicit, facilitate, and respond to concerns from searchers (and other users and stakeholders). (For more on that topic, see my 2022 paper with Emma Lurie: Search quality complaints and imaginary repair: Control in articulations of Google Search [griffin2022search]).)


    Please click here to send me feedback on the content and performance of this website via email.

    repository on GitHub

    You can submit public issues at github.com/danielsgriffin/.com/issues. (This is a public repo setup expressly for this purpose.)


    You can submit public concerns at danielsgriffin.canny.io.

    I’m trying canny.io out after noticing the “Send feedback” links on You.com send the searcher to yousearch.canny.io.