You too can read my dissertation! Now available in HTML and PDF!
I am actively seeking opportunities in both industry and academia. I will bring my qualitative research expertise and deep knowledge of web search practices to contribute to better understanding and improving search tools and practices. Interested in collaborating or learning more about my research? Please email me at, visit my ‘Publications’ page, or review my CV.

I have a Ph.D. in Information Science from the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley. I use interviews and digital ethnography to research how we talk about, imagine, know, build, and practice different ways of searching.


2023-05-15: 🎓 I was the Ph.D. speaker at the I School commencement, discussing how doing a Ph.D. is less like a marathon than a trail ultramarathon. See the text of my speech here.
2023-05-09: I wrapped up teaching a spring course at Michigan State University that I designed: Understanding Change in Web Search. I’m sharing reflections and follow-ups through posts tagged repairing-searching.
2022-12-16: 📁 Filed my dissertation: Griffin D. (2022) Situating Web Searching in Data Engineering: Admissions, Extensions, Repairs, and Ownership. Ph.D. dissertation. Advisors: Deirdre K. Mulligan and Steven Weber. University of California, Berkeley. 2022. [griffin2022situating]
2022-11-25: 📄 My paper with Emma Lurie (equally co-authored) was published: Griffin, D., & Lurie, E. (2022). Search quality complaints and imaginary repair: Control in articulations of Google Search. New Media & Society, Ahead of Print. [griffin2022search]
2022-10-17: 🎉 My paper with Emma Lurie was accepted at New Media & Society (initially presented at a Data & Society workshop in early 2022: The Social Life of Algorithmic Harms)
2022-09-29: 📄 My paper with Jake Goldenfein was published: Goldenfein, J. & Griffin, D. (2022). Google Scholar – Platforming the scholarly economy. Internet Policy Review, 11(3). [goldenfein2022platforming]