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    How to share TIL or short-comment-type searches?

    November 16th, 2023

    I want to be able to share about recent searches I’ve done. Maybe I’ll add a new category of posts. And maybe I’ll build something modularly extensible to export from the browser from whatever search engine or tool I used.


    I recently searched [is there encoding for the at sign?] (after checking my cheatsheet) and my SearchJunct sent me to Phind[is there encoding for the at sign?], where I found the answer I needed: @ (specifically the HTML encoding). I then also worked my way through several other search engines from SearchJunct (Wikipedia, Swisscows, Google, etc.) noting that many quickly returned what I wanted. It would be great to be able to connect a system I’m working on, ComposableThumbs, to quickly share feedback with folks about my evaluations.