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    August 31st, 2023

    This is a roadmap for this website as a whole.

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    In my pursuit to develop a prototype for a seedful and seamful search interface, this site is continuously evolving and under construction.

    Current State of the Site

    Roadmap Overview



    Adding Additional Search Backends
    Transparency, Feedback, & Curation
    • Enhance feedback mechanisms.
      • Progress: Basic feedback mechanism available: Feedback.
    • Implement curation workflow for the dynamically generated snippets.
    • Publicize the GitHub repository for this website.
    Accessibility Improvements
    • Testing with Lighthouse and Other Audits



    Loosely-functional speculative designs in userscripts:

    ctplsm (Contextual Twitter Poultice for Learning So Much)
    • Progress: Functional prototype, on GitHub.
    • Next Steps:
      • Add README
      • Log user feedback
      • Modularize ‘Check elsewhere’
    • BLURB:

      This is a userscript that randomly inserts (or interjects) an additional instruction in a prompt on ChatGPT conversations (matching https://chat.openai.com/*). Setarco lets users set engagement to automate randomizing custom orders. The additional instructions are written to encourage questions from that LLM-system that are generative, though provoking, revealing, surprising, and perhaps even challenging.

    • Progress: Functional prototype, on GitHub.

    • Next Steps:

      • Log prompts-and-response and user feedback
    Auto-Button-Click Double-check Evaluation for Funsies or Gnoses
    • BLURB:

      I want to write a userscript that automatically clicks the “G” Google Search button. So perhaps the evaluation could appear while I’m glancing at the response. (It does take a few seconds?) [on Twitter]

    • Progress:

      • initial experimentation…

    Tool Exploration