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    to paste/type immediately

    @danielsgriffin via Twitter on Feb 1, 2022

    Loading a page to search I aim to paste/type immediately, which needs the cursor in the search box.

    B, DDG, Ecosia, G, Neeva, SS, You, etc.

    does NOT work*:
    lib.​berkeley.​edu (?!)

    Github​.com doesn’t paste, and doesn’t show a blinking cursor, but it does put typed characters (after using the ‘s’ shortcut**) into the search box.

    Stack Overflow doesn’t have the cursor in the box, and also forces (those not logged in) into a CAPTCHA flow.***

    * These each do use OpenSearch Query Syntax(?) that enables search from the address bar.
    ** I stumbled on this, tapping frustrated, then confirmed.
    *** You must “Enable keyboard shortcuts” with a profile via settings to enable ‘s’ to focus on the search box in Stack Overflow.