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    all you need is Sourcegraph's Cody?

    tags: CGT, Sourcegraph
    June 29th, 2023


    You’re all set

    Once embeddings are finished being generated, you can specify Cody’s context and start asking questions in the Cody Chat.

    Current status: “Generating repositories embeddings”


    I’m excited to announce that Cody is here for everyone. Cody can explain, diagnose, and fix your code like an expert, right in your IDE. No code base is too challenging for Cody.

    It’s like having your own personal team of senior engineers. Try it out!

    Tweet Jun 28, 2023

    Added: 2023-06-30 16:18:08

    Current status: “Generating repositories embeddings”


    Looking forward to it! If the tool is in beta, I might consider saying that more prominently. Neither Steve’s post nor the Sourcegraph website make that clear. I only just found “Cody AI is in beta” as a sentence in the VSCode plugin README.

    Tweet Jun 29, 2023