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    definitions of prompt engineering evolving and shapeshifting

    June 29th, 2023

    the definition(s) and use(s) of “prompt engineering” will continue to evolve, shapeshift, fragment and become even more multiple and context-dependent. But still a useful handle?

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    1. i didnt look in details yet but this is roughly what i’d imagine a chaining tool api to look like (ahm langchain, ahm).
    2. its interesting how the definition of “prompt engineering” evolves and shapeshifts all the time.


    Why prompt engineer @openai with strings?

    Don’t even make it string, or a dag, make it a pipeline.

    Single level of abstraction:

    Tool and Prompt and Context and Technique? its the same thing, it a description of what I want.

    The code is the prompt. None of this shit
    “{}{{}} {}}”.format{“{}{}”

    PR in the next tweet.

    Tweet from @jxnlco Tweet Jun 29, 2023

    Tweet Jun 29, 2023