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    very few worthwhile tasks?

    What is a “worthwhile task”?

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    The more I look at chatGPT, the more I think that the fact NLP didn’t work very well until recently blinded us to the fact that very few worthwhile tasks can be described in 2-3 sentences typed in or spoken in one go. It’s the same class of error as pen computing.

    On Twitter Jun 29, 2023


    1. Reddy (1979):

      Human communication will almost always go astray unless real energy is expended.



    Reddy, M. J. (1979). The conduit metaphor: A case of frame conflict in our language about language. In A. Ortony (Ed.), Metaphor and thought. Cambridge University Press. https://www.reddyworks.com/the-conduit-metaphor/original-conduit-metaphor-article