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    Cohere's Coral

    @aidangomezzz via Twitter on Jul 25, 2023

    We’re excited to start putting Coral in the hands of users!

    Coral is “retrieval-first” in the sense it will reference and cite its sources when generating an answer.

    Coral can pull from an ecosystem of knowledge sources including Google Workspace, Office365, ElasticSearch, and many more to come.

    Coral can be deployed completely privately within your VPC, on any major cloud provider.

    @cohere via Twitter on Jul 25, 2023

    Today, we introduce Coral: a knowledge assistant for enterprises looking to improve the productivity of their most strategic teams. Users can converse with Coral to help them complete their business tasks.


    Coral is conversational. Chat is the interface, powered by Cohere’s Command model. Coral understands the intent behind conversations, remembers the history, and is simple to use. Knowledge workers now have a capable assistant that can research, draft, summarize, and more.

    Coral is customizable. Customers can augment Coral’s knowledge base through data connections. Coral has 100+ integrations to connect to data sources important to your business across CRMs, collaboration tools, databases, search engines, support systems, and more.

    Coral is grounded. Workers need to understand where information is coming from. To help verify responses, Coral produces citations from relevant data sources. Our models are trained to seek relevant data based on a user’s need (even from multiple sources).

    Coral is private. Companies that want to take advantage of business-grade chatbots must have them deployed in a private environment. The data used for prompting, and the Coral’s outputs, will not leave a company’s data perimeter. Cohere will support deployment on any cloud.