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    [how to change the oil on a 1965 Mustang]

    @superwuster via Twitter on Nov 3, 2023

    1. Google’s theory is that, as for every query, Google faces competition from Amazon, Yelp, AA.com, Cars.com and other verticals. The problem is that government kept bringing up searches that only Google / Bing / Duckduckgo and other GSs do.

    For example, only general search engines return links to websites with information you might be looking for, e.g., a site explaining how to change the oil on a 1965 Mustang. There’s no way to find that on cars.com.

    The second result on Google is the same as the second result when searching posts on Facebook

    What is searchable where? If it were on its own (i.e. outside tight integration in an argument about the very dominance of Google shaping not only the availability of alternatives but our concept of search) this claim seems to ignore searcher agency and the context of searches.

    Also, why is this the example? What other examples are there for search needs where “only general search engines return links to websites with information you might be looking for”?

    That said, it seems worth engaging with…

    1. Cars.com doesn’t even have a general site search bar.
    2. But there are many places that folks might try if avoiding general search.
    3. How many owners of 1965 mustangs are searching up on a general search engine how to conduct oil changes? I don’t know, maybe the government supplied that sort of information. I assume that many have retained knowledge of how to change the oil, reference old manuals on hand, or are plugged in to relevant communities (including forums or groups of various sorts—including Facebook (and Facebook groups) and all those online groups before it, let alone offline community). But maybe I’m way off. I think it is likely (partially in scanning Reddit results) that people looking to change the oil in the 1965 mustang is likely searching much more particular questions (at least that is the social searching that I saw on Reddit).
    4. You should be able to go to Ford.com and find a manual. A search for [how to change the oil on a 1965 Mustang] there shows a view titled “How do I add engine oil to my Ford?” though it is unclear to me if this information is wildly off base or not. It does refer to the owners manual. Ford does not provide, directly on their website, manuals for vehicles prior to 2014. Ford does have a link with the text “Where can I get printed copies of Owner Manuals or older Owner Manuals not included on this site?” to a Where can I get an Owner’s Manual? page. They link to Bishko for vehicles in that year. It seems you can pay $39.99 for the manual.. Ford does have a live chat, that may be fruitful, no clue.

    People are so creative, already come in with so much knowledge, and make choices about what to share or search services to provide in the context of the massive power of Google.