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    “HotGirls on TikTok, why do I look stupid at the gym?”

    Most of the social-search-requests that I share on here are ones that I am relaying for others to answer or consider or to find answers at the link (marked with “ssr”. I am sharing the request in this post as an example1 of what appears to be a very effective packaging of a question or request for help——it has a simple message, signals preparation for responses, and highlights possible issues already considered. While the transcript below provides some sense of the request, one would need to watch the video to get the full packaging.

    I discuss packaging of questions in my dissertation: Ch. 5. Repairing searching: Due diligence and packaging questions. I’m not suggesting this approach might work for everyone: this searcher is an actor.

    Hannah Brown’s HotGirls on TikTok, why do I look stupid at the gym? on Nov 07, 2023

    HotGirls on TikTok, why do I look stupid at the gym? Why do I look stupid at the gym? Don’t be nice to me. Don’t worry about my feelings. Give it to me straight because I know that I don’t look as hot at the gym as I could. But I don’t know what the problem is. Is it that I need a set? Is it the socks? Is it the shoes? I feel like these sneakers look fucking stupid. Is it the hairstyle? Is it the jewelry or lack thereof in this region? Why do I look stupid at the gym? Someone tell me. Because I want to look hot all the time.

    The screenshot for the video, from TikTok, showing the viewcount of over 7.7 million and the pinned status.


    1. I am comfortable sharing this as an example because it has received over 7.7 million views at the time of this post, with over 461.6K likes and 20.5K comments. The question asker, Hannah Brown, has also pinned the post to her profile.↩︎