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    8. Appendices

    tags: diss
    December 16th, 2022

    Appendix I. Research Participants

    Participant Table
    Participant role industry gender identity
    Shreyan Data Software Engineer enterprise software man
    Shawn Developer Advocate, former data engineer open source data software man
    Noah Senior Data Engineer media streaming man
    Sameer Senior Software Engineer computing technology man
    Raha Senior Data Engineer media, entertainment woman
    Aditya Senior Engineering Manager enterprise software man
    John Data Scientist apparel man
    Amar Software Engineering Manager enterprise software man
    Ajit Senior Data Engineer retail man
    Kari Data Platform Engineer apparel woman
    Vivek Senior Data Scientist social media man
    Jillian Data Engineer fitness software woman
    Charles Data Scientist online marketplace man
    Phillip Data Engineer enterprise software man
    Devin Data Platform Software Engineer healthcare man
    Arjun Principal Software Engineer enterprise software man
    Christina Senior Technical Consultant enterprise software woman
    Michael Data Engineer financial services man
    Jamie Senior Data Engineer web publishing woman
    Ross Senior Site Reliability Engineer web analytics man
    Victor Senior Data Engineer web analytics man
    Nicole Executive data analysis software woman
    Patrick* Data Engineer enterprise software man
    Nisha Director Of Data Services enterprise software woman
    Lauren Machine Learning Engineer online marketplace woman
    Jane Analyst social media woman
    Logan Analyst nonprofit man
    Amy Data Platform Engineer financial services woman
    Megan Senior Data Engineer business intelligence woman
    Zayn Data Engineer real estate man

    Note: Currently listed are the roles and title at the time of interview. * indicates role/industry change since initial interview; changed companies around time of interview and was onboarding at a new company, we discussed their prior role, which is listed; ** two interviewees who spoke of experiences prior to transitions away from that work.). The last five individuals were new participant member checks.

    Appendix II. Annotated Interview Guide

    The questions in my interview guide were initially built around these five research questions developed for my prospectus:

    1. how and why is search used
    2. how is it imagined as useful for the purpose its enlisted
    3. what limitations are identified and addressed (or not)
    4. how do conceptions & practices of web search reconfigure work practices
    5. how are reconfigurations both shaped by and reshaping responsibility/accountability for work processes across individual professionals and organizations

    Most of my interviews were conducted with the principal guide on-hand being a list of topics (pasted at top of a document with extensive annotations though rarely referenced during interviews):

    • initial reaction question (IRQ)
      • After finding it quite useful when interviewees shared their initial reactions, I added this as my starting question.
    • role
    • team
    • search
    • talk about search?
      • LMGTFY
    • search fails/struggles
    • ask people?
    • support channels?
    • documentation/intranet/enterprise search?
    • feedback & code review
    • notes & cheatsheets
    • mentorship
    • on-boarding
    • any questions for me & reflections on the interview
      • these two questions were also quite useful in eliciting open-ended and unanticipated responses.

    I also had a list of interviewing reminders (though not hard and fast rules) for myself that grew throughout the first several interviews:

    • CONCRETE examples
    • pauses are good
    • don’t talk too much
    • “say more” & push
    • one question at a time
    • do not interrupt
    • note/probe laughter & annoyance/frustration
    This appendix is prepared on a separate page: Appendix III. Code Generation Tools and Search